Derq built an award-winning platform powered by AI and predictive analytics helping eliminate crashes, save lives, and create safer and smarter roadways.

We create a unified view of all road users and predict their movement 24/7, leveraging inputs from existing infrastructure and existing or easily deployable cameras and other sensors.

Our real-time analytics platform feeds a live dashboard available to road owners and operators and sends alerts to connected vehicles and infrastructure through our patented V2X technology.


Our Solutions

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Active Safety Applications

  • Highly accurate predictions of vehicle and VRU behaviors leading to crashes or conflicts

  • Low latency V2X communication, providing drivers with enough time to avoid collisions

  • Enabling standard and advanced V2X applications

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Safety Analytics

  • Near-miss heatmaps to understand most dangerous zones in an intersection or network

  • Accident detection and forensics to help determine root cause

  • Traffic violation detection and forensics


Traffic Analytics

  • Tracking of traffic metrics including volumes, turning counts, O/D

  • Tracking includes pedestrians, cyclists, and other VRUs

  • Reporting at network, intersection, and lane level as needed


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