Derq uses AI to power an award-winning predictive real-time platform, helping eliminate crashes, save lives, and create safer and smarter roadways.

We create a unified view of all road users and predict their movement 24/7, leveraging inputs from existing infrastructure and existing or easily deployable cameras and other sensors.

Our real-time analytics platform feeds a live dashboard available to road owners and operators and sends alerts to connected vehicles and infrastructure through our patented V2X technology.


Our Solutions

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Active Safety Applications

  • Highly accurate predictions of vehicle and VRU behaviors leading to crashes or conflicts

  • Low latency V2X communication, providing drivers with enough time to avoid collisions

  • Enabling standard and advanced V2X applications

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Safety Analytics

  • Near-miss heatmaps to understand most dangerous zones in an intersection or network

  • Accident detection and forensics to help determine root cause

  • Traffic violation detection and forensics


Traffic Analytics

  • Tracking of traffic metrics including volumes, turning counts, O/D

  • Tracking includes pedestrians, cyclists, and other VRUs

  • Reporting at network, intersection, and lane level as needed


See Derq in Action



To me, it’s really about using technology to provide solutions for problems today...It’s helping pedestrians safely cross Jefferson today...It’s been a great partnership with Derq, and I’m looking forward to lots of great things coming Forward
— Kirk Steudle, Former Director of Michigan Department of Transportation, Now SVP, Econolite, Transportation Systems
Our partnership with Derq testifies to...the confidence entrusted in their technology that will contribute to both our leadership’s Smart Dubai vision and our smart city vision of making DSO a leading smart community
— Eng. Muammar Al Katheeri, EVP of Engineering Management & Smart City, Dubai Silicon Oasis